The Summer I Found Love part 1

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this is my first story series warning I suck chicken grease at writing so im sorry if you don't like it I was talked into it by my sister hogwatslove and my bestfriend xxblutixx

everyone should thank hogwartslove and xxblutixx for talking me into writing this series leave your ideas in the comments and let me know what you think of this part

Created by: mcqueen

  1. this is the first part of my story series warning I suck at writing but it's all thanks to hogwartslove and xxblutixx comment and rate if you want me to write part 2
  2. you wake up at 8:00 am monday morning it's the first day of summer vacation and your best friend since you were 4 chloe came over
  3. chloe's discription{she's very pretty she has a heart shaped face, ocean blue eyes,full bubble gum colored lips,with longe black rainbow dyed hair that stops a few inches above her bellybutton and she's 5'3 with olive colored skin}
  4. chloe: "epp ___ are you ready to go to the beach" she came over to pick you up for some fun in the sun.
  5. chloe is wearing a one peice hawii themed bathing suit with jean shorts and black flip flops what do you wear
  6. you put that on and walk to the beach there you spot four cuties with one do you like
  7. thay sopt you and chloe and wave you over and they intorduce themself's "hi im mason"(red head) then he points and each boy and said their names "and these are my friends" omar (hazle hair) seth (bolnde hair) and eli (black hair)
  8. well there playing volleyball and they ask you and chloe to play you both say sure the teams are three on three who do you want most on your team?
  9. after you win omar ask you to got to the movies with him in a few hours you tell him you'd love to then chloe walks you back to your house then she goes home
  10. you go to your room you take a shower,comb your hair,and apely your make up now what do you wear?
  11. you get there he already bought the tickets then you both go in and find your seats you soon find out it's o horror movie you get so sared you hide your head in his shoulder and the whole time he has his arm around you and squeezes you tightly after the movie he walks you home the whole way your talking an laughing getting to know one another better then you reach your front door you blush an tell him you had a great time then he leans in and CHLIFFHANGER....

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