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  • I couldn't have said this better myself. Incredibly sweet of you to do this for her! HogwartsLove is truly one amazing girl where the words I know and the synonyms to my words are not enough. I agree with what everyone has said. She's has a wonderful sense of humor. She's very sweet and heartfelt. Her work and talents are phenomenal; every time she releases a story, it's a blessing to read! Her work is so vivid, emotional, incredibly detailed and that characters reach out to the readers and we're able to create this connection with them, than I myself, have yet to do. She's is truly there for everyone as we are to her! I'm really happy that you have done this for her, Calypso!

    HogwartsLove, we're always here for you! You just keep doing what you love to do! Hopefully, I'll meet you at the top one day! :)

  • This was so sweet, Calypso. HogwartsLove, yes, she is a great person, and it is a shame that I cannot say it in any better, more articulate way. She's sweet. She's thoughtful. She's funny. She's got talent, smarts, good taste in literature. And that comment from her you posted? There needs to be a museum to hang comments like those in frames because they're so precious to writers what with a balance of insight, encouragement, genuinity, and pure, good human spirit. You've said it all and more, Calypso, and I haven't a clue how to add more, so I'll suffice to say that I completely agree. Believe in yourself, HogwartsLove :)

  • OH. MY. GOOD.

    I could have sworn I commented on this. Seriously. Or at LEAST told you how much it meant to me and how much I love you and support you as well as @natuhleegayle and @xxblutixx! I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me, I honestly wish I could find the words but you seem to always help me get by when you know I need you the most, you're an even more amazing, sweet, talented friend than I could ever ask for and I'm always so blessed to be able to talk to you and read everything you post, as Nat said! Seriously whenever I read this, I could must bawl! You've always been my support and I hope you know that you're never alone, because I and so many other people love and adore you; we'll always be here if you need us for anything at all! I love you so much, that's honestly all I can say!

  • @singin234: Well it's nice of YOU to take the quiz and comment even though you don't know HogwartsLove!! Thanks for reading this!!

    @xxblutix x: As I said, she's a diamond in the rough. She's a gem in a sea of rocks. She's an incredible person and I feel extremely blessed to know her!

    @natuhleega yle: She's everything you and I said and more!I HAD to do this for her and she deserves every good thing to come her way. Hey- maybe I'll see you BOTH at the top one

  • It sweet to do that Calypso, I don't know HL. But I have herd of her and seen what she writes. She sounds like an amazing person (your amazing too) and a talented one (also like you) I can't say much since I don't know her well but I bet she is.

  • I really wish more people had taken this. I want everyone to know how amazing HL is!


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