Thank you clicking on this! Today is dannica's birthday, as you can see and I just wanted to make this as a sort of present because she is the most incredible writer and person!

Happy birthday to Dannica! Thank you for taking this and reading it, and I hope you comment or make your own quiz for that matter to show dannica your love!

Created by: LightningThieves

  1. Hello! This is just a quiz-not-really-a-quiz to say happy birthday to one of the most best writers that ever came upon gotoquiz!!
  2. Alright, so, Dannica, I would just like to thank you for making such amazing stories and deciding to share them all to us because they are so incredible and it is such an honor.
  3. Okay, so I remembered that it was your birthday today because I think you mentioned it somewhere in Beautiful Lies or something, but anyways, I first found out about Somebody Special from one of my friends, and she told me to read it right away if I wasn't busy or anything. So one day I was really bored and I decided to search it up. And it was one of the best decisions of my life because it led me to you and your writing!
  4. Ever since then I was so obsessed with it that I was checking the gotoquiz page everyday just to see your newest part of your story was out. Beautiful Secrets, Lies, and Endings was possibly my favorite one, but Confinement is way on its way!
  5. It makes me really sad that you'll be leaving gotoquiz after Confinement, but then again knowing you I'm thinking it will be another trilogy :) My favorite characters that you create are always the guys and the villain, because you make every one so unique and they always have this certain characteristic that not any of the other guys have. And it was so cool with that plot twist in Beautiful Secrets that the main character's memory was erased and Christofer was her old boyfriend. I thought that was the most creative thing ever!
  6. And what I really love about Confinement was how you said that deaths are causes by the Miscreancy and it's not on their own time and that's why they have Seventh Sighters (I totally messed up the story but you know what I'm talking about) yea that was the most smartest thing because I think it can actually be real! And the names in Confinement are so creative too like, Flame? Carnation? Haste? Razor? NOOSE? My god. And I like how Sebastian's name is all somewhat common, and I think that was the intent so that he's the oddball, and usually it's the villain that has the awesome name but this one doesn't which is AMAZING.
  7. Dannica is also really nice to her fans. Like, I know she doesn't comment a lot on other quizzes and I also know it's because she doesn't have time too but whenever somebody has a question on her series she always answers them, and I've also noticed that whenever somebody just made an account and comments she always welcomes them :) And she always gives us the chance to actually be in her stories! And just like in the last part of confinement part 27 she reminds us of how much she appreciates us and that's what makes her so genuine. You can tell that she loves writing a lot, and I don't ever want her to stop.
  8. I think everybody can agree that Dannica is overall an amazing person and an amazing writer! And I am so glad to have witnessed a hopefully-going-to-be author, because I sure would be every single book that comes out!!
  9. I believe that you're 15 now? If I'm wrong please correct me, but I hope you have such a great fifteenth birthday, and I hope all your wishes come true and I hope that this made you smile because you deserve it!!

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