Happy Birthday One Direction!

Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip you're hair gets me overwhelmed. but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know, oh oh. You don't know you're beautiful! if only you saw what I could see, you'll understand why I want you so desperately! Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe you don't know oh oh! You don't know you're beautiful, oh oh. That's what makes you beautiful!

Happy Birthday One Direction! Please continue the good work! Thank you for everything that you've done to change my life, and thank you for teaching me to be me, even if people don't like it! You've made me realize who my real friends are and thank you! Happy Birthday again!!

Created by: HarryPotter_1D

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to wish One Direction a very Happy Birthday! It's only been 2 years and they've changed my life dramatically. They are such an inspiration to me and I just wanted to thank them for everything!
  2. I wanted to personally thank them for changing my life, so here's what I would say to them if I ever got the chance to meet them.
  3. To Louis William Tomlinson: Thank you so much! You taught me to be fun-loving and crazy! Because of you, I'm not afraid to show people who I really am inside, instead of just hide who I am. You and Eleanor are so cute together! I hope you two are very happy and you're just so fabulouis! You make me feel that no matter what I do, someone will always be there for me, even if everyone has left me. I wish you the best!
  4. To Zayn Jawaad Malik: You are just amazayn! You have to go through a bunch of stereotypes, like me! You teach me to just ignore them and be the best that I can be! I have to go through so much at school, but you have taught me to prove them wrong, that I can do anything! You don't know how much you've changed my life! I wish you the best!
  5. To Liam James Payne: What can I say about Daddy Directioner? You inspire me so much! You teach me to be the best person I can be and to stand up for what's right! You have taught me that no matter what happens, things will always get better! I think you and Danielle are so cute together and I love how you two stand up for each other! I wish you the best!
  6. To Niall James Horan: Oh gosh, where do I begin? You have been through so much with fans. I honestly don't know how to thank you, because you've changed me in so many ways. I've learned that people will hate, but because of you I learned to let bygones be bygones and just make the best out of life! You have no reason to be insecure, you are so phenomoniall that I can't even speak. I wish you the best!
  7. And last but not least, to Harold Edward Milward Styles: you are so extraordinharry! You're voice is incredible! You make me want to just be crazy and be the odd one out, not that it isn't a bad thing! You just are such a good person and you teach me to just be a better person! I wish you the best!
  8. These 5 boys have seriously changed my life! I can't be more grateful to them! I can't even begin to describe how awesome they are. They give me hope when I feel like all of the hope in the world is gone! You boys are the inspiration in my life!
  9. The first time I ever listened to their music it honestly made me think, they deserve a chance because I honestly didn't really like them when I first heard about them! (what was wrong with me?) The music they make is so powerful and it speaks out to a lot of people, including me! They are the greatest celebrities in my life, and I don't like many. They just make me a better person!
  10. I just want to say Happy Birthday One Direction! And thank you for everything you have done to change my life! I am proud to say I'm a Directioner, and many people make fun of me for it. But I don't care, they will never understand how these 5 boys have changed my life! I'm so proud of you and please keep up the good work!

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