Do You Think You Are Beautiful?

Many People Think That They Aren't What They Should Be. I , For One , Think This Is Unnecessary. It Makes No Sense To Lie To Yourself And Then Expect To Be Happy. Nobody Does That!

Now , Are YOU One Of Those People? Take This Quiz (If You Want) , And It Will Tell You! Hopefully , You Will Understand What I Mean. This Quiz Is Clearly Written And Easily Understandable , So You Won't Struggle With Anything. Hopefully.

Created by: Sairis Abad Morales

  1. What Is Your Opinion Of Yourself?
  2. What Do Other People Say About You?
  3. When You Look In The Mirror , What Do You See?
  4. How Do You Dress?
  5. Do You Wear Make-Up?
  6. How Much Make-Up Do You Wear?
  7. What Do YOU Think Your Body Looks Like?
  8. How Do You Feel About Yourself When You Are Surrounded By "Beautiful" People?
  9. Who Do You Think Is Most Beautiful In Your Whole Life?
  10. Finally , What Do You Like About Yourself? What Do You Hate About Yourself?

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Quiz topic: Do I Think You Are Beautiful?