*¤~Happy Birthday Singin234~¤* :3

Happy Birthday

Have a great day

Created by: angelic4
  1. Hello everyone, well we are here for a special day
  2. It's Singin234's birthday, So i am going to make a random birthday song. "Today you are older, no more [insert age] since last year, Happy Birthday, today is your day, Whoop Whoop" that's my song i made up on the spot
  3. Seems people want the original, i sense jealousy my new bday song rocked. But "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you *brings electric guitar* *rocks* You look like a monkey you look like a monkey, We love you so much, Happy Bday to You
  4. Happy Bday girl, you derseve this day, it's yours and some million people who's bday is today as well. Happy Bday
  6. *sings* *jazz hands*
  7. Have a great day Singin, and all you reading this check out her series, especially Goodbye, it's amazing, if you don't read it sleep with one eye open tonight, jk jk but it's great
  8. Guys who read this Listen up: Some of you are writers, and you all know how much even a comment means, it can channge how the story goes, even make a writer keep going, and all for you who arent please consider this as well, we might write but we do depend on you and your love and comments, so please don't just read the series and not even click the submit button, i know it might feel too much work clicking that button but we must consider others i'm learning that
  9. Well Singin, you are a creative, imaginative person, and i respect that. I would love to write with you one day, you are sooooo gooood
  10. Again I say! Happy Birthday Girl

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