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  • Alright fellas... LET'S GOOOOO *rocks out* (me: yes I love old school rock, thank you for noticing) Happy B-day Singin, I wish you all the best and your series is AWESOME. Hope you have a rocking "Ballroom Blitz" (me: that's the song for today... officially) So before I rock out of the door, I want to say a few more things. You're really creative and talented, seriously your writing is really good. Also you're a really nice person, and you always have something nice to say. I agree with angelic4, comments DO have a lot of power over a story. It can change the whole thing completely and even keep it going. I know that on both sides of the coin, so it's pretty true. Anyways, I'm done here GO HAVE A ROCKING BIRTHDAY *guitar solo out the door*

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Thanks everyone!!! Bookworm no it isn'teluc @Missy Prissy cat thank you, it means alot. @anglic4 Oh thank you for making this. You really have made my day.

  • Yeah Happy Birthday Singin234!

  • Happy bday girl!!

  • I have a friend who's b-day is today... Singin, your real name isn't Sarah, is it? O.o

  • HAPPY B~DAY, SINGIN234!!!!


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