Is it your birthday?

As you get older you celibrate birthday's. Be happy that most of you haven't been born on february 28th. A birthday is something nice worth making a quiz of.

And do you think you are ready to know if it is your birthday yes or no. I'm waiting for your results. This is for those who want to be sure if it is their birthday.

Created by: Thomas
  1. Did anyone say happy birthday today to you?
  2. Have they sang you a happy birthday song?
  3. With who are you celebrating your birthday?
  4. Do you have experience with good and bad birthday's
  5. How many presents do you get for your birthday?
  6. Do you plan anything on your birthday?
  7. Do you care if it can be a bad birthday?
  8. Can you get sad when you have a bad birthday?
  9. Are you happy with all the presents?
  10. Did you check your calendar if it is your birthday?

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Quiz topic: Is it my birthday?