Happy Birthday!

"Happy Birthday to you!" Everyone loves birthdays! especially the person whose having it! Try taking my quiz on birthdays and see how well you know a birthday party from a birthday!

Do you think you know a lot about birthdays? Well if you do step up to the challenge and answer my questions! If your birthday is coming up you should try taking my quiz. Lets see if the birthday girl/boy has what it takes!

Created by: lelo
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you are turning ten on your birthday next week. How old are you now?
  2. How many candles would you put on a cake if you were turning 30?
  3. Were would be the best spot for a birthday party?
  4. What type of cake would you like to have at your birthday?
  5. (This quiz is best for kids under the age of 10.) When is your birthday month?
  6. How many presents do you get each year?
  7. Have you always had a birthday party each year?
  8. What would you really like for your birthday?
  9. How old are you turning on your next birthday?
  10. is your birthday on a weekday or a weekend?

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