All About Me Guessing Game

Modern Birthday YAY, I'M HAPPY. It's my 14th birthday tomorrow!! (Mar. 9.) This Flip was pretty fun to do, although I admit that it was rushed a bit at the end. That being said, I hope you're still able to enjoy it! :) Oh, and whoever catches the Over 9,000 reference wins a cookie. As for upcoming Flips, my schedule is currently unchanged (I still plan on finishing "Twilight's Only Benefit" and "I'm Not a Weenie Spinoff") but also note that I might post Flips for the weekly topic without warning. ;)

Moe's Madness Credit to original creator. (Whoaz... 3 spinoffs in a row... oops. Don't worry, I'm working on a bunch of original stuff too :3) Just a quick little Flip to tide you guys over. Contest results are gonna be a while longer, sorry. Evaluating 1,000 spinoffs takes time. (In case you didn't know, I was away for a week in Montana. That's why I might have seemed "dead" lol. But I'm back! :D) My one challenge in this Flip was using "head sprites," which means instead of redrawing a character's head when he moves, move the head along with him on a seperate layer. It's used by most stick fight makers, but with faces, it isn't so easy. TIME STOP HAMBURGER JUTSU! WRYYYY

Created by: Trey
  1. What's my age?
  2. What's my height?
  3. How many brothers do I have
  4. What's my name?
  5. What's my e food?hicken
  6. Cool?
  7. How many pillows do I sleep with/
  8. Do I like horror movies?
  9. Do I like my life?
  10. Do I like jokes?

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