How old of a WoW player are you?

One of the most notable aspects of the game World of Warcraft is the anonymity that it offers. It is impossible to know immediately the age of another player in the game, however the age of many players in WoW becomes readily apparent through certain actions and tendencies.

The following quiz analyzes your WoW playing habits and will attempt to estimate your age based on the answers that you provide. The first two questions are GoToQuiz's mandatory questions, and will not be taken into account in guessing your age because they are not WoW-related questions.

Created by: Valens
  1. Those first two questions had no effect on your approximated WoW age, but were mandatory GoToQuiz defaults. Now for the questions that count... What level is your main character?
  2. What is your favorite emote?
  3. Where do you usually park your characters?
  4. On how many days to you play WoW during a normal week?
  5. How often do you speak in general chat?
  6. How often do you join/start PUGs?
  7. If you saw a group member ninja a piece of loot, what would you do?
  8. What is your favorite class to play?
  9. What is your favorite race to play?
  10. Do you prefer to play as Alliance or Horde?

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Quiz topic: How old of a WoW player am I?