Calypso1315, Read This...

Sorry for those not mentioned in here. As a lot of you know, today is Calypso1315's birthday! This (and some funny email spam) is my gift to you, Calypso!

So wish Calypso a happy birthday or I will hunt you down and murder you on the spot. I mean it. (Just kidding) Super happy birthday, Calypso! Birthdays rule, so I hope this one is fantazmic!

Created by: Bookworm123
  1. 'Twas the day before Monday, and all through Gotoquiz, not a creature was stirring, not a single soda fizzed.
  2. Everyone held their breath as all through the site, people began to prepare for the big night.
  3. It was Calypso's birthday, everyone knew except for the creepers, but some of them knew that too.
  4. "Now what should we do, for the time is nigh. Her birthday is coming!" her friends said with a sigh.
  5. Then they thought, "Let's all celebrate!" So HogwartsLove got the streamers and Natuhleegayle got the plates.
  6. They gathered the items and put them together. There were giant balloons and purple feathers, floating bingles and barbeque pringles, lemon fruit bars and cherrie guitars!
  7. They were almost ready, when on the door was a knock. "But we aren't ready!" they yelled, looking at the clock.
  8. "AllyCat, Bookworm, LetsParty, Aria! To save the party we must move it to Korea!"
  9. So they got passports and went through customs. They got plane sick and crash landed on their bums.
  10. They set up the party, and none too soon! For Calypso arrived at precisely noon. They sang and sang till they all went deaf, then they returned home and hugged a hobo named Jeff.
  11. This is a lesson so let it be learned: an act of kindness must be returned. Calypso has been nice to every one of us, so send her a sentiment and don't throw her under the bus. The end.

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