A Birthday Gift for You from Calypso1315

Well...hello guys! I really have no idea what to type so don't waste your time reading this just read the quiz already! NO JOKE. This is pointless!!!!

Well...hello guys! I really have no idea what to type so don't waste your time reading this just read the quiz already! NO JOKE. This is pointless!!!! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Created by: Calypso1315
  1. Hey there, my friends! As some of you may know, today is my birthday! At exactly 8:39 am today, June 24th, 2012, Calypso1315 (dats me) turned 15 years old. So, yay. I'm having a party later with my friends and family and I have an announcement at the end of this.
  2. Okay, so I was scanning through my notes, looking at things from past PJLS's and I found part of an edition that was never posted. I think it was meant to happen in part 3 or 4- right after you met Dominic for the first time. So I thought you'd like to see it.
  3. Okay, so in this scene, you are with Percy and Devin about to go train. Then, Grover comes up and says he has a suprise for you. All I an say now is, 'enjoy'!
  4. After breakfast, you met with Percy and Devin, saying goodbye to Rose and Selena. You, being in the best mood you had been in in weeks, hooked your arms through Percy's and Devin's, laughing as they stared at you. "Oh, come on!" you exclaimed, "We're friends, right?" They both nodded. "Well then suck it up!" you cried, as Devin winced and Percy smirked. You walked the sword fighting arena. Before you went in, someone whispered your name. "Pst! Violet! Over here!" You followed the sound, with Percy and Devin swallowing nervously until you reached a gathering of trees. Something-someone, stepped out from behind a tree. It was Grover.
  5. "Uh, hey Grover," you said blearily, "What's up?" "Well, I heard what happened with those Ares jerks. I heard you felt pretty hurt after it. So I made you something to make you feel better!" he said happily, his rich brown eyes boring into yours. You blinked, and he grabbed you by the wrist, slightly farther into the woods. He suddenly let go of your wrist and put his hands over your eyes, and ruined you to the right. "Ready?" "Uh huh!" and there, before you was what looked to be a sculpture of a girl....you. Made out of...soda cans. You turned to Grover. "Oh...Grover! You didn't have to do that!" you cried as you hugged him, feeling so touched that someone would go to such lengths to cheer you up. He blushed a little. "Oh, it was nothing. I just felt bad that those Ares jerks thought they could treat you like that," he said.
  6. Suddenly, Percy cleared his throat. "Well, Violet, not trying to rain on your parade, but we really should go," he said with a desperate tone to his voice. You sighed and smiled at Grover in thanks, a smile he returned, and set off with Devin and Percy to the arena.
  7. Okay...that's all I have! I hope you enjoyed my birthday present for you guys! And now to the announcenments!!
  8. First: Bookworm. Sweetest. Girl. Ever. She wrote a birthday poem for me! It was really cute and rhymed and it was just so sweet. If you wanna check it out, go to the search bar and type on Calypso1315 Read This.
  9. Also, for the people that actually care (and I'm betting nobody will go to it) I'm going to make a thread on the offbeat forum. Like a party. It will be entitled 'Today is my birthday!' Original, I know, right!?
  10. Finally: I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything- my brain is still frozen and I can't get anything creative out except by force. I'm still open to ideas if you guys have any, so just email me anytime! My email is calypso1315@gmail(.com). I love on my email...so yeah.
  11. ONE MORE THING BEFORE I GO: Shout outs!!! First, to @natuhleegayle just for being natuhleegayle, @HogwartsLove for being so nice and supportive of everybody, @Bookworm for the best gift I have EVER GOTTEN EVER, @Clarissa13 for being there when I needed her, @Allycat for accepting my chicken addiction and living with it, @Jaime, in hopes that she gets her novel published. Also, there's a cool new series called A Romantic Hogwarts Love Story by HarryPotter_1D (THE TWO BEST THINGS IN LIFE!!! HARRY POTTER AND ONE DIRECTION!!!!) if you haven't already READ IT. Also, my buddy 5thMarauder just updated her Hogwarts series.....READ. IT. NOW. OR. YOU. WILL. DIE. ITS BLOODY AMAZING!!!
  12. Okay....I think that's it! I love you all!! See ya later!! 'Fly you high'!!!!!!

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