what kind of gift giver are you??

there are many good gift givers but only few are the best! how do you become the greatest gift giver?? by giving the best gift on holidays and birtdays.

are you the greatest gift giver ever??do you have a generous heart and mind to give people what they want?when you take this quiz you will find this out.

Created by: bob
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  1. when it comes to Christmas what kind of gift do you give?
  2. what about your best friend's birthday?
  3. OK, so how about Sweet Granny's Birthday?
  4. what do you give to someone you love on Valentines day?
  5. what about April Fool's Day?
  6. what do you give a veteran on veteran's day?
  7. moving on, what about Thanksgiving?
  8. how about 4th of july??
  9. what about if your kid's report card is straight A's or close to it
  10. how bout when your kids go to the dentis and they come out with no cavities??

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Quiz topic: What kind of gift giver am I??