Are you a cheerful giver?

The Bible tells us that God loves a cheerful giver (II Cor.9:7, but sometimes we get mixed messages about giving to the church and peer pressures shape our giving practices.

Are you a cheerful, dutiful, or reluctant giver? This quiz defines the cheerful giver based on Lutheran stewardship principles. To score high - you must try to think like a Lutheran...

Created by: JP
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  1. Stewardship describes
  2. Stewardship relates to the way we
  3. Stewardship is
  4. A pledge is
  5. Pledging to tithe (10%) of income is
  6. If you can't honor your pledge
  7. The church budget
  8. If the church has budget shortfalls, it should
  9. How much one gives should be most influenced by
  10. Practicing good stewardship

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Quiz topic: Am I a cheerful giver?