~ Happy Birthday Aria! ~

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Just a little something for our bestest sissy ever x3 awwhh. Sit back, pop up a chair, bring the cake over, and let's get this show on the road (no, not THAT show, that one's for later)

Oh did you see the picture for this quiz? Yeah, that's right, xxblutixx failed, she couldn't stop Ninja from blessing ANOTHER cow. Going to have to give her a tiger some day or something. Please be aware that the results actually DO count :)

Created by: The Golden Trio
  1. Helloo everyone! Today we (Ninja and xxblutixx) will like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very special friend, ARIA!
  2. Aria? Yep, yep, we said ARIA. You know, the magnificent, stupendous, swell, pleasant, genuine, pretty, remarkable, phenomenal, astonishing, thoughtful, brilliant, fabulous, pretty, smart, cool, awesome, random, funny, crazy, friendly, nice, caring, helpful GTQ celebrity who we all know and love!
  3. The girl's turning 14 today, can you believe it? Maria says, "Oh Aria...I remember how just yesterday,I had to stop you from stealing potatoes :')"
  4. (Maria still has stuff to say) NOW, Aria, we both know we got these crazy times (and by crazy I think we both know its G-drama xD) BUT we still living it up to the mansion with 80 cats!
  5. xxblutixx: Is it... is it my turn *wildly looks around* oh shooooot, you're not already recording are you? Oh, oh, ARIA, congrats on making it through your first year of teenage-hood. As your SAS/mommie, I am so proud :') Apparently your daddie is next, but just remember, WE'RE NOT MARRIED D:
  6. From your daddie/cake/toilet, okay, fine, from Gateau: Happy Birthday,birthday girl! Hope you have and amazing birthday and happy new year!
  7. Now time for the cyclops/wolverine/ironman/superhero of girls around the world *drumroll* Chris: HAI ARIA!!! HAPPI BIRFDAI!!! MANY A LUSM CHRIS!! (p.s, it's JOHN not GATUEA)
  8. Last, but not least, we have Jeev who has amazing words of wisdom for you, Aria: "pineapple"
  9. Sadly, we have to report, Aria, that we were unable to get your birthday present on time due to some *cough* non-cooperation on the operation, though the subject is still unawares that they are noncooperative. Anyway, it will come a little late I believe, but, since you wanted to be told, we thought it would great if Gateau would serve you on your special day in a French Maid outfit, you know, the ones he always tries to bring up? I mean, a slave *cough* servant ought to be outfitted correctly.
  10. So Aria, we wish you a happy 14th birthday (for all the... 1 hour and 10 minutes left of it) and hope you had your CAKE and ate it too ;) Maria's having some right now ;) Layli, being the angel, is abstaining of course 0;) Enjoy! xD

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