a Draco love story pt. 2

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well hope you like it!first off i have serious writers block so i can't think of what to write!if you have any ideas then comment them and if i like them then i will put them in the quiz

ok i know people don't read these but i need you to!OMGGG i hate writers block!Please Please Please give me ideas!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Draco luver

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  1. RECAP:Draco asked you to meet you at the lake and who cares about your answer last time your going!
  2. you walk to the lake hoping to find Draco but instead you find...
  3. "PANSY PARKINSON?!what are you doing here?!i got a letter from Draco asking me to meet him here!""well that wasn't him it was me and i just wanted to tell you something...""let me guess you want me to stay away from Draco or else blah blah blah.""well yes so do it!""Pansy,he likes me not you!he thinks you are really annoying so just leave the guy alone!""no!he is perfect and i will never leave him alone!"with that she turned around and walked away.you thought to yourself"what just happend?"
  4. the next day came and you wanted to tell Draco about Pansy but you remembered that he's mad at you so you can't tell him and now you have to put up with him in DAD class!just great!you walk in and Draco is already there.you sit down"starla,i'm sorry about what i said yesterday!""really?""yes and i do want you to be my girlfriend but i just can't stand Potter and his friends!""ok well i won't make this so hard on you all you have to do is accept it like when i hang out with them you can't just start being mean!!""ok well will you?""will i what?""be my girlfriend""yes!i mean sure.""you hug him and Pansy starts crying.you wanna laugh but you knew that would be really mean
  5. you told Draco about Pansy and he said,"she needs to be locked in a mental hospital.""i know.""um do you mind if i tell people about us?""no not at all!""ok good!"
  6. i am so sorry if this was horrible and short but i have bad writers block!!!
  7. well until i reach 12 questions im just gonna say random stuff is that cool?
  8. im really bored!!!
  9. omgg!
  10. well part 3 coming soon!(i hope)
  11. bye!

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