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I am really really really sad about leaving go to quiz. :,( well I am so sorry if I forgot any one. So uh bye I guess . Meap random stuff I am leaving.

I made this so that I coul one level up and be a junior. And number two to do this. Meap. Who even reads this. I am really sad about leaving. Meap.!!!

Created by: Avenger16

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  1. Anime you where a awesome friend and I will really miss you :( I will try to be on as soon as I can to talk to you. I am glad that we became friends:) hugs you tight
  2. Gom aka alex. I am glad we became friends. I will mis talking to you :( I actually understand how you feel. I hope that you stop thinking about death and start thinking about life. Hugs u to real tight as well.
  3. Brownie bunny. I think you got a awesome sense of humor. :) I am glad we became friends as well. Hugs you tight
  4. Wolf heart. I am glad that we became friends. I think you have a sick little part of u that thinks wrong:) I am going to miss you. Hugs as well
  5. Dannylover.i think that you are awesome. I love tjat you love cats. I am glad as well that we became friends. Hugs you as well
  6. Alleria. Thanks for taking all of my 60 years without you series. I am looking forward toknowing you better. Hugs you as well
  7. Well with this I conclude my shout out quiz:( I mean :)
  8. Choose the second one.
  9. Bye
  10. Meap :)

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