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Occasionally, we would ask ourselves "would I/you/we/he/she/they rather..." questions. There are a zilion questions we can ask ourselves, and there's no limit to what answer.

The "Would You Rather" quiz contains sixteen "would you rather...?" questions. Most of them have only two choices; some have four responses. Remember this: your results do NOT count towards your final score.

Created by: SG115

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  1. Are you ready? :D
  2. First question: would you rather eat a cricket or kill a cricket?
  3. Would you rather be a pop singer or an R&B singer?
  4. Would you rather be an ogre, troll, goblin, or neither?
  5. Would you rather murder your best friend or your true love?
  6. Would you rather eat a snake or molest a pig?
  7. Would you rather be earth, air, water, or fire?
  8. Would you rather be thunder or lightning?
  9. Would you rather be a tsunami, earthquake, monsoon, or a hurricane?
  10. Would you rather eat a flaming burrito that burns half of your face, or drink warm soda that has no flavor?
  11. Would you rather take the road not taken or take the road less traveled by?
  12. Would you rather wake to find yourself in a strange yet magical land, or inside a tornado?
  13. Would you rather be a cat or a donkey?
  14. Would you rather write a story with no beginning nor end, or a story where you are your own protagonist (hero)?

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