How well do you know me?

So this is the dealio. Basically, you are going to answer some questions about me and hope you get them correct. I could help you, but id rather not just so i can get a good laugh when i see the scores.

Are you knowledgable to answer my questions? Have you had the privelage to know me so closely that you know the answers to all of these questions. It is doubtful, but i wont make any assumptions. Enjoy!

Created by: bethany
  1. Currently, what is my favorite movie?
  2. Where do i want to live after i graduate college?
  3. What is my least favorite food?
  4. What book do i consider the greatest classic ever written?
  5. What song am i currently obbsessed with?
  6. Who will i always love and cherish until death do us part?
  7. What cant i live without?
  8. Who is my favorite author?
  9. What pastime do i despise the most?
  10. What is my least favorite color?
  11. What is my favorite band?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?