how well do you know me?

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There are some know-it-alls out there but Do you know me Well? If you Do then lets See about that.*smirks and chuckles evily* if you dont then i wont judge.

Do you know me Well as you know everyone else? We will See once the Quiz Starts.many people See me on here alot of times so they should know me.if you dont know me i'm fine..but if you Do we'll See about that*smirks* the Quiz Starts Now!

Created by: flamingwolf of thunderingwolffury
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  1. What Do i like to Listen to?
  2. Who are my First list of friends?
  3. Am i asexual or bisexual
  4. What do i like to play in my past time ?
  5. Who were the First people i meet on here?
  6. What color are my eyes?
  7. What color is my hair ?
  8. Am i fun to Talk to?
  9. Who's my best friend on here?
  10. Am i always friendly and dont care What people says about newbies?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?