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I am an ogre. In the next week or so, your homes will be destroyed. Families will face my wrath. You will crown me supreme ruler of your village. Bow before me...NOW!

This quiz was brought to you by SG115 of You can find me just by clicking my username, and reading all my infos. In addition, you can scroll to see all the quizzes I made :)

Created by: SG115

  1. Hi...
  2. What the f**k are you staring at?
  3. This quiz is pointless -_____-
  4. This quiz is ridiculously pointless.
  5. This quiz is UTTERLY pointless!
  6. Okay. I'll stop :)
  7. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about Peter Griffin from "Family Guy"?
  9. H8trs gunna h8t mi 4 life
  10. Screw you!
  11. GoToQuiz shout outs to everybody, especially the newcomers!
  12. Shrek or Donkey?
  13. Pray for mercy
  15. I'm an ogre. I'm gonna eat you all.
  16. Bye bye!
  17. Rate, comment, or both/neither?
  18. BYE!!!!!

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