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  • You are 50% genius!

    The song "I Throw My Toys Around", which is the second song of TRM soundtrack, describes you flawlessly: "Nobody's looking now/I throw my toys around".

    I got a higher score than I thought to be honest. Cx good quuz, 10/10!

  • You are 58% genius! 58%

    You are almost there, just not quite. Put some more effort, or else you will be stalked by a wolf and circus chimpanzees,

    Tha ts good considering I'm not sure if I've even seen it, i think I might have seen it on tv when it came out

  • Chocolatefrog: Thank you so much. I have the movie on video tape, though I don't recall seeing it in theaters because I was four years old at the time.

  • 100%


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