"Family Guy" Test

Welcome to my "Family Guy" quiz! There are twelve questions in total, and they are fairly easy to answer. Just take your time, and do the best you can.

The reason for making this quiz is because I have not made one for the longest time. In fact, I don't remember the last time I created one. All in all, please take this quiz.

Created by: SG115
  1. What is Stewie Griffin's full name?
  2. According to the episode where Meg develops an obsessive crush on Brian, which non-edible ingredient was in the pie she offered Brian?
  3. In the episode "Amish Guy", what was the name of Peter's ancestor?
  4. In "The Big Bang Theory" episode of "Family Guy", which artist was Stewie's ancestor?
  5. Correlates with #4: Who murdered Leonardo Da Vinci?
  6. Correlates with #4 and #5: How did Stewie murder Bertram in retaliation for killing Leonardo Da Vinci?
  7. Which alcoholic beverage does Brian love drinking?
  8. Name a character who says this quote: "Do you feel me, Brian? Do you feel me inside of you?"
  9. "Roadhouse!"
  10. "It's time for a sexy party!"
  11. "This is stupid, I wanna talk about VAGINAS!"
  12. Last quote: "What does it take to get a dry martini around here?"

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