How well do you know the members of Family Force 5

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The Family Force 5 fanbase is huge! There's a lot of names and facts floating around that you might not know. But maybe you do know! This quiz is here to test your knowledge about FF5 and its members.

Do YOU know Family Force 5 the best? Do you think you know some basic facts about the members in this band? Put your knowledge to the test and In just a few minutes you'll find out!

Created by: Supersonic
  1. What is Crouton's real name?
  2. What is Soul Glow Activatur's real name?
  3. What is Fatty's real name?
  4. What is Chapstique's real name?
  5. What is Nadaddy's real name?
  6. What is Xanadu's real name?
  7. What is Jacob's favorite kind of Chocolate?
  8. What is Soli's drink of choice?
  9. What was the name of Family Force 5 before they had to change it?
  10. What's the eye color of all three brothers?
  11. What's is Soli's radio show called?
  12. What's the brother's mom's name?
  13. Where was Family Force 5 originated?
  14. What does Derek collect?
  15. Who is Jacob married to?
  16. Who is Josh engaged/married to?
  17. Who is Derek married to?
  18. Who is Soli married to?
  19. Jake makes special designed shirts that you can buy at concerts, what are they called?
  20. What does Nathan like to work ok?
  21. What is a summer tour outfit they used in 2009?
  22. What is Jacob's favorite color?
  23. Who's bunk is most of the fanart kept in?
  24. Soli has several shirts and hats with his favorite football team on it. What team is it?
  25. How many Christmas Pageant tours did they have up until 2012?
  26. Who puts together the outfits for all of their music videos?
  27. Does Jacob know how to play guitar?
  28. Which brother suffered kidney failure in 2009?
  29. Who directed,shot, and edited all of the really real shows?
  30. Where did the band choose to film their music video for Zombie?
  31. What mythical creature does Josh talk about on the internet sometimes?
  32. How did derek get accepted into the band?
  33. How many music videos did they work on and release within 2012?
  34. (last few will be easy i suppose) Who's the lead singer?
  35. Who plays the drums?
  36. Who plays lead guitar?
  37. Who plays Bass?
  38. Who plays Keys/DJ/tambourine

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the members of Family Force 5