Are you more Baggins or Took?

"The Bagginses had lived in the neighbourhood...and were considered very respectable, because they never had any adventures." "It has always been said that long ago one or other of the Tooks had married into a fairy family; certainly there was still something not hobbitlike about them, and...members of the Took-clan would go and have adventures."

The Baggins family is a well respective, non-adventurous hobbit family, the Took-clan is their exact opposite, always disappearing on adventures. Have you ever wondered if you are more Baggins or more Took? Take this quiz to find out if you are all Took or all Baggins or just a mix of both.

Created by: Roseblossom
  1. If 13 strange dwarves and a wizard show up on your doorstep, what would you do?
  2. Has any one ever said to you, "It`'ll be good for you and most amusing for me."?
  3. Is your family a well respected family in your community, not having any adventures?
  4. Do people know what your answer will be without even asking the question?
  5. Have you every asked some one if we know each other and they said no.
  6. Have you ever had a day when the unexpected happens every which way?
  7. Have you ever remembered somebody's name and forgotten that they belong to it?
  8. Have you ever remembered somebody's name and forgotten that they belong to it?
  9. Have you asked for someone's pardon more than once and then they say I`'ll give you what you asked for?
  10. Have you every done something that changed your life and you were different when you got back?
  11. Have you every yelled, "I`m going on an adventure!"
  12. Is your family known for adventures and the unexpected?
  13. Are you from Breeland or west of Bree?
  14. Do you want to go to on an adventure?

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Quiz topic: Am I more Baggins or Took?