Movie Test: Pocahontas

"Pocahontas" is an animated fantasy/musical/romance movie brought to us by Walt Disney Pictures. It tells the tale of love between free-spirited Pocahontas and Captain John Smith. However, this creates strife against the Powhatan tribe and the British soldiers.

I love this film, because I grew up on it. Despite its historical inaccuracy, I'm still fond of "Pocahontas". In addition, the animation is fluid and dynamic, especially in the song "Colors of the Wind".

Created by: SG115

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  1. What year did "Pocahontas" make its theatrical debut?
  2. Judy Kuhn is the singing voice of...
  3. Pocahontas' speaking voice is provided by which of the following actors?
  4. Which bird species is Flit?
  5. Pocahontas' gluttonous raccoon companion's name is...
  6. Complete this lyric: "Have you ever heard the ___ cry to the blue corn moon?/Or asked the ___ bobcat why he grinned?
  7. Complete this lyric: "You may think I'm a(n) ___ savage..."
  8. True or False: The "spinning arrow" refers to John Smith's compass.
  9. Why did Governor Radcliffe and his compatriots settle in the "New World"?
  10. FINAL QUESTION: This film belongs to a ten-year era known as the...

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