Would you look good with a pixie cut? (girls only)

I pixie cut is a short, feminine hair cut that only a few people can get away with. Take this quiz to see if this daring do is right for you! (Rhyming :3)

If you're super girly, and are always wanting to impress guys, I'd stick with long hair. But I have had this hair style for quite a while (omg RHYMIING) and haven't had a problem with that :)

Created by: Rohin
  1. Why do you want to get it cut?
  2. What's your face shape? (If you don't know look up face shapes on Google)
  3. How big are your cheekbones?
  4. Do you wear makeup?
  5. Do you wear super girly clothes?
  6. Do you really want to impress guys? (Guys tend to prefer longer haired girls, but most don't really care that much)
  7. What's your style?
  8. I need twelve questions soooo...you should comment..
  9. Wow. Two more questions. Okay What's your favorite color? (No effect on result)
  10. You're beautiful. ( This does affect your result)

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