Is Your Pixie Hollow Boyfriend a good Boyfriend?

When you fly around the website Pixie Hollow you often times see boyfriends and girl friends. It's so sweet! You see true gentlemen tending for his lady while you see jerks treating her like junk. Remember please be honest, it's for your own good! ;)

If you have a boyfriend on Pixie Hollow you should take this quiz. Find out how he really feels about you. It may crush you at the end, but I assure you'll feel much better. Remember if your dating on Pixie Hollow, your dating in real life. So if you don't want that just skip the quiz and dump him.... nicely.... Good luck!

Created by: Bubblebath

  1. Since your fairy boyfriend and you have been dating, has he gotten a membership? ( that means he's serious enough to do stuff for you )
  2. Has your fairy boyfriend ever cheat on you?
  3. Does your boyfriend do what you want?
  4. How many girlfriends has your fairy boy friend had?
  5. How often do you go on dates in the Tea Room?
  6. Is fairy boyfriend harsh in general?
  7. Are you happy with your boyfriend?
  8. Why did you start dating?
  9. How long have you been together?
  10. How fast does your boyfriend run into getting serious... like marriage serious.
  11. Has your fairy boyfriend ever held a girl friend contest?
  12. Do you know a lot about your fairy boyfriend?
  13. Does he respect you?
  14. What does he send you in the mail?
  15. Ok, here's a tip hang out with your fairy boyfriend's friends and get to know them better, you may get some secrets out of them.
  16. Also, get on another account and try to get him to go on a date. If he cracks he's a terrible bf.
  17. Does he make picnics and such?
  18. What does he wear on dates? Ps. You should wear a nice dress too.
  19. Is your boyfriend nice to you? Does he make you feel good?
  20. Have you ever broken up with him before and got back together?

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Quiz topic: Is my Pixie Hollow Boyfriend a good Boyfriend?