What Percentage Of Your Boyfriend Like you?

Do you sometimes wonder how much that he loves you? Most girls do! This quiz will help you learn how much that he loves you throught a few questions!!

This quiz is to help you suss out your relationship before it is too late! Thanks to this quiz, you will know whether he is a good boyfriend ora really bad one!

Created by: Dictionary2000

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  1. Does he buy you stuff?
  2. Does he ask you to dates?
  3. Does He want to do it with you
  4. Does he lke your friends?
  5. Why does he go out with you?
  6. Would you think about dumping him?
  7. Does he comment on how you look?
  8. How much out of 10 does he love you?
  9. Would he ever hit you?
  10. Do you love him?

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Quiz topic: What Percentage Of my Boyfriend Like you?