How well do you no n-dubz?

This is just a kind of basic quiz on n-dubz knolege. You will be asked about 20 questions and then your score will be turned to the percentage you have got right. Your percentage will tell you how much you really no n-dubz!

Every right question you get highers your percentage you know n-dubz. I really hope you enjoy this and its worth your time! Please comment after taking this quiz I really want to no what you think!

Created by: Nic
  1. Whats uncle b really called?
  2. Whats fazers real name?
  3. Na na na nini nana na na ni ni Yo im a rapper slash nang singer songwriter from when I was a younger even up to this day..........
  4. What does duku yourself mean?
  5. Where are tulisa and dappy from?
  6. Are any of them related if so who?
  7. Whats dappys kids called?
  8. Where do the trio live?
  9. Tulisa recently did x factor who won?
  10. What were they called before n-dubz?
  11. Whos oldest in n-dubz?
  12. Which U.S label are they sighed to?
  13. Whens dappys birthday?
  14. What album is "duku man skit" on?
  15. How many times has dappy been on never mind the buzzcocks?
  16. Who featured in the song number 1?
  17. What grade did dappy get in english at college?
  18. Which footy team does fazer support?
  19. What is dappys older brother called?
  20. Whats tulisas middle name?
  21. Thanks 4 taking my quiz! Please comment and say what you think! Xxx Whens tulisas birthday?

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Quiz topic: How well do I no n-dubz?