Are you a born and gifted songwriter?

There are many singers and many other jobs, but some people aren't interested in singing or anything else. Some people wannabe a songwriter! If you're doing this quiz, you're one of them.

Now, to become a songwriter you have to be talented. Too much repetition is bad. A song needs to flow smoothly, but change words, tones and maybe even voices. Mind, this is my opinion, I think I've gotta good one.

Created by: Harmony
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  1. High note or low note?
  2. Opera or pop?
  3. Man or woman?
  4. One Direction or Little Mix?
  5. Pharrell Williams or Taylor Swift?
  6. Song choice: Blank Space by Taylor Swift or Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson?
  7. Song choice: Mamma Mia by Abba or Black Magic by Little Mix?
  8. Song choice: Best Song Ever by One Direction or Dancing Queen by Abba?
  9. Piano or vocal?
  10. Let It Go or Do You Wanna Build A Snowman (both from Frozen)?
  11. In Summer or For The First Time In Forever (both from Frozen)?
  12. Name Choice: Would you call your child Harmony or Melody?
  13. Name Choice: Would you call your child Taylor or Meghan?
  14. Which boyfriend would you date?
  15. Choose a pathway: The pathway to Heaven or the pathway to Hell?
  16. What would you become: an angel or a devil?
  17. Whose side are you on: God's or the Devil's
  18. Friends or lone?

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Quiz topic: Am I a born and gifted songwriter?