The love Story That is Yours Part 9



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  1. I know that this one took forever, but I forgot about this quiz and a recent comment compelled me to make it so, I shall! I hope my writing is better, because I just realized how bad my writing was sorry for that. This one is about Danid, and it would be a great help if you guys gave me some ideas, because the other part of why it so long was because, I had no idea what to do. I apologize for: spelling or grammar mistakes, and overall suckyness.
  2. Its 9:00A.M. Sunday morning, and you are getting your wig on. You already had breakfast. You walk down in a pair of faded jeans and a white blouse. You sit at the bottom of the stairs, thinking about what you want to do.
  3. “________ DETTMAN!” called Uncle Ham from where he was sitting in the family room. “GET YOUR BOOTS OUT OF THIS ROOM!” your riding boots were sitting at the foot of his chair you picked them up and turn nearly bumping into Danid. He too was wearing riding boots.
  4. “Want to come with me? Riding I mean.” You nod slowly thinking through what you were doing, “Yeah, I guess, but I don’t know how to ride.” He gave a soft laugh and dragged you by the arm and out towards the stables. You look at the large black horse, anticipating the difficulties of getting on the horse.
  5. “You don’t want to ride Shadow he tends to be spooked easily, here ride Cow.” Danid said handing over the reins to a white and black horse, “Why not just name it dog?” you mutter looking at the horse.
  6. “Because that’s too unoriginal, just like Lays.” Danid says giving you a look, “HEY! I love Lays.” You gave a small laugh at your own words. “I can tell.” You give him a playful punch, before putting a hand to your stomach.
  7. “Not like that,” Danid says looking at your motions, “it’s just your so plain Jane, normal, like everyone else.” A look of hurt flashes across your face, “but your different, just like every chip in the bag, and you’re not healthy, no good for me.” You look confused and turn to stare at him. He leans in close and wipes back your hair, “You’re so…. unusual.” His breath tickles your neck and smells like his cinnamon gum, you gulp and think
  8. Danid opened his mouth to say something more. “_______, I want to talk. Listen I’m” Jake walks into the stalls. He sees you and Danid and takes a gulp, and storms out. You walk to go to him, but Danid lightly grabs your arm. He didn’t hold it tight enough that you couldn’t get away, but it restrained you.
  9. “Let him cool off, I’m afraid that if you go to him know he’ll hit you. And besides he won’t listen to reason at a time like this.” You nod and hop onto the stool by the horse, puling yourself over as Danid does the same with Shadow.
  10. You both head out, Danid is holding the reins to your horse, and you are think only thinking. Danid takes a side glance at you. A snake slithers in front of Shadow. He jumps up and Danid, caught by surprise, lets go of both reins. Again Shadow jumps this time, not being able to grab hold of the reins, Danid falls off of the horse, and when he comes back down his leg is shattered, with a sickening crunch.
  11. You gasp, sharply and Danid cries out in pain causing, Shadow to run back to the stables. “_________,” he says, you nod franticly. “Get Uncle Ham,” he hasn’t cried out in pain again since then. You looked at him before running off.
  12. “UNCLE HAM! DANID, SHADOW BROKE HIS LEG, ITS SHATTERED.” You ran into the house screaming in a blind panic. “Liza call an ambulance,” she nods and motions for you to show him where he is. You do with Ham on your trail, you watch him tend to Danid. You hear something in the woods and turn, but see nothing. But you heard someone laugh you knew you did.
  13. Danid was brought to the hospital; he was currently waiting for the okay to go into surgery. He had several bandages on his head, from his fall, and some scrapes from the twigs on the ground. He looked delicate and it was you fault. He was asleep, and had been since in the ambulance. The boys and Uncle Ham with Aunt Liza had gone to the cafeteria.
  14. Jake walked in.
  15. Okay, I’m leaving it there, go ahead and hate me. I think that was better. Um, please me your ideas, and I want to take a poll of two things. One: who is most popular, so please leave who is your favorite in the comments. And two: whether or not I should choose who you end up with or should get your favorite guy. Like, you get married to *****, or not, so tell me what you think. Thanks for taking my quiz and remember to comment because that makes me what to write, and shout out goes to AiFiahK3mE who inspired this quiz with her comment. I have school to keep up with, but thats easyish, so it should be out as soon as I'm inspired. Thank you again and bye!
  16. P.S. Who do you love?

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