The Lonely: A love story Part 3

Hey guyssssss:D This is the third installment of The Lonely: A Love Story. I hope you guys have been liking the other two and my other quizzes like Blame it on the Rain and my 800+ viewed quiz Seven Minutes in Heaven: Fun and NOT Dirty;)

This one is kinda short and maybe a little boring but I've kinda hit a writer's block right now so I do need some ideas. Leave some in the comments or tell me what you though of it. Thanx:D

Created by: SparklyScarlett

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  1. You blinked. He was gone, replaced with your classmates all staring at you.
  2. Your P.E. teacher calls you to go change out and all is forgotten as they all rush off to the locker room. You still sit there and stare at the locket which is now enscribed with something different. It says "Help me."
  3. *Help me?* you think *And that means what...* Still a tad shaky and suddenly very tired you decide to go home early. You're walking down to your locker when you see someone pop up in front of you. And they scare you to death.
  4. "Oh, Peyton it's just you, don't scare me like that!" "Sorry... Just joking around." "Where's Trisha? Hasn't she been nursing you back to health all day?" "Yeah, I gave her the night off to be with you." You're dying on the inside.
  5. "You wanna spend time with me?" He looks like you stabed him through the heart. "What do ya think? Of course I do, you're, you're my..." *I'm your what?!?!?!?!* "my best friend."
  6. "Yeah, yeah. My bestest friend!" You're fake smiling so well you wouldn't even tell you were if you were Peyton.
  7. "So wanna go catch a movie or something?" "Yeah let's do that." He smiles and you're soon out at his car driving away to the theater.
  8. You walk on in and get tickets to see the movie of your choice!
  9. And you grab some epic snacks:D
  10. And as you sit down you feel yourself drift into a sleep or what you think is a sleep. Oh. Nope. You knocked out cold.

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