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  • OMG, I shoutout to me?! Did I inspire you with a single comment? I feel honored ^-^ I mean, it's not everyday I get a shoutout from a very good writer :D I think you should let the readers choose their favourite and the results in the last chapter is what happens after we made the choice :)

  • @ PuffBall

    ithink im am going to choose and i think im going to end it soon

    @ _ViolaLover_

    i know alot of people who like Jake and i think i will choose

    sure at least that will fill the top lol
    @ AiFahK3mE

    Yes, and thank you im not that great of a writer and i might do that

    @ popbomb9
    Awwww that's really sweet thank you
    @ Horseluver

    sorry i dont ride horses and the just seems like what i would do because horses scare me and yeah but thank you next time i'll ask you if you dont mind (that is not meant to be rude, but it sounds kinda rude so sorry.)

  • Why would an experienced rider let go of the reins? (don't take anything personally, I'm a stickler when it comes to riding)

  • Well, I like Jakke, don't judge meh! And I think it would be nice if you choose, so many others are the ones where the reader chooses, it gets old

  • Okay, first of all I LOVE BEN. :D
    LOL. *Laughs at bowls with Ben.*

    Secondly I think you should let the reader decide. You could put it in the result?

    Yeah, I though I liked Daniel.... BUT BEN'S FUNNEH!

  • i forgot who i liked, all of them, but so far Danid, so far, can u make the guys descriptions at the top, i just love your quiz

  • NOOOOOOOOO DON'T END IT THERE!!!!!!!!!! ..... *reads all end* oh k I think IM MORE POPULAR !!! And I think u choose!! I LUV suprises!!! :D


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