HOW BASIC ARE YOU *2021 edition*

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This quiz is a series of True or False questions made to determine how basic of a girl you are and how popular your interests. I may or may not make a male version of this quiz, for all those basic males out there!!

Just a friendly disclaimer: Don't feel as if the score defines you. Everyone is unique in their own way and still finding themselves. I'm not making this quiz to make fun of basic people.

Created by: Mary
  1. True or False: I have listened to either "pov", "positions", or "34+35" by Ariana Grande BECAUSE it was on tiktok.
  2. True or False: I have a tiktok account
  3. True or False: I order either Vanilla Bean frappes or Pink drinks from Starbucks
  4. True or False: I like to spray tan AND/OR sun tan
  5. True or False: I have white nail polish/used to have white nail polish
  6. True or False: I think one of my friends is "heather"
  7. True or False: I have bleached blonde hair
  8. True or False: I wear AC/DC, Metallica, or Nirvana shirts without knowing any songs by them.
  9. True or False: I think I'm "quirky" because I actually DO listen to Metallica, Nirvana, AC/DC, etc.
  10. True or False: I went out with my friends during the COVID-19 pandemic (without masks)
  11. True or False: I get my bikinis from where Addison Rae gets her bikinis
  12. True or False: I watched Euphoria and "Still Don't Know My Name" is on my playlist (because of tiktok)
  13. True or False: My playlists are almost ALL tiktok songs
  14. True or False: I think I'm better than other people because I listen to "indie" bands
  15. True or False: I have strings of fake vines in my bedroom
  16. True or False: I have neon "tiktok" light strips in my room
  17. True or False: I own Nike Air Forces 1's (plain white)
  18. True or False: I own a fuzzy bag (plain color or animal print)
  19. True or False: I cry on my Snapchat story
  20. True or False: I LOVE SKATER BOYS
  21. True or False: I claim I'm a "skater girl #mid90svibes" but I skate on a penny board.
  22. True or False: I claim to be "alt" or "mallgoth" but I shop at Dollskill and I listen to only Lil Peep.
  23. True or False: I have a "crackhead" personality
  24. True or False: I watch "Girl Defined" ironically.
  25. True or False: I LOVE learning tiktok dances
  26. True or False: I buy plus-sized or men's jeans at Salvation Army just so I can tie it with a shoelace belt.
  27. True or False: I have dyed the two front strands of my hair either blonde or pink
  28. True or False: I went through an "alt" phase, put on heavy eyeliner, and did a tiktok to the song "NEVER MET!"
  29. True or False: I wanted to be a VSCO girl in 2019 because of the "beachy vibes"
  30. True or False: I shop in the children's section of the thrift store for "cute cropped tees"
  31. True or False: My boyfriend/crush claims to be part of "The Boys"
  32. True or False: I've spent hundreds of dollars on Shein to "test the waters"
  33. True or False: I'm DYING to be popular on tiktok or Instagram
  34. True or False: My boyfriend/crush plays lacrosse
  35. True or False: I dressed up as a "space cowgirl" for Halloween one year
  36. True or False: I've cried in a Brandy Melville dressing room (for any reason)
  37. True or False: I feel "superior" to basic girls.

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Quiz topic: HOW BASIC am I *2021 edition*