Global Awareness Test

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The purpose of this test is for you to see if you have some basic knowledge of the world we live in. To few people know anything outside of sport leagues and celebrity gossip.

Below you will find a test with some basic knowledge about the world we all live in. Don't take the results from this test too seriously but maybe it will help you see if you are aware of whats going on outside of your country.

Created by: Matt of Information Integrity
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  1. How many current major conflicts are ongoing in the world to date?
  2. Stephen Colbert is a ...
  3. Which country holds the most U.S debt?
  4. Most spoken language of the world?
  5. Where was the U.S president Barack Obama born?
  6. Were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq?
  7. Which of the following countries was not represented among the hijackers of 9-11?
  8. How many people are in slavery around the world to date?
  9. What is the worlds newest country?
  10. How many countries are there in the world?

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