English word game

Can you spell? Do you know your common noun to your proper noun? Do you know how to use 'where','wear', were and 'we're' correctly? Can you use capital letters and full stops and find words that mean the same as each other.

Well, if you think you can, why not give this english test/quiz a go and see how well you do. Go on, you may even surprise yourself and amaze yourself with how clever you are.

Created by: Kate
  1. The word distress means...
  2. the word, replied means...
  3. Another word for beautiful is...
  4. What does obtain mean?
  5. If something is secure, what does it mean?
  6. Another word for miserable is..
  7. Another word for 'next to.' is...
  8. Another word for energy is...
  9. What does the word excited mean?
  10. Another word for 'really' is...
  11. Tiffany is relieved, that she has found her new earrings. This means that Tiffany is...
  12. What does the word, 'Confused' mean?
  13. What does 'anxious' mean?
  14. Cheryl was apologetic to Nicholas, after losing all the money. This means that Cheryl was...
  15. Kimberley feels very nervous. What does this mean?
  16. Chris is feeling very tense. What does this mean?
  17. Joseph is feeling jumpy today. What is another word for jumpy?
  18. Another word for important is...
  19. Choose a word, that would fit best into the sentence. Cheryl really _______ going to school.
  20. Choose another word to fit into the sentence. Joseph and Nicholas ________ to go home after school had finished.
  21. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday are all days of the...
  22. Common nouns name...
  23. here are some common nouns...
  24. What are proper nouns?
  25. Use the right word in the sentence. Cheryl and Lexi wanted to use _____ paints, to paint a picture.
  26. "Look over ______" Nicholas shouted.
  27. "______ has Tiffany gone?" Madison asked.
  28. The children ______ good today.
  29. I am ______
  30. Correct the sentence. I am death.
  31. Correct the sentence. Rachel is write.
  32. Ellie said. 'I want ice cream _____'
  33. Cheryl went ____ the shop to buy sweets.
  34. ____ way is it to the shop?
  35. The wicked _____ jumped on her broomstick and flew away.
  36. When should you use a capital letter?

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