Are You a Word Master?

There are close to a million words in the English language, more than any other language in the world. Even the well educated among us don't know every word, and if they DID, we would wonder about their social life!

So where do you rate in your mastery of words in English? Care to find out? Take this simple 10-question quiz to find out if you are the class dunce or WORD MASTER!

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  1. The Olympics is the ULTIMATE test of an athlete's endurance. The best synonym for ULTIMATE is....
  2. A woman is a basketball coach. Her daughter is on the team. Although her daughter is not very good, she starts every game! This is an example of....
  3. American Indians are often referred to as "Native Americans," which is not correct, because a NATIVE is a .....
  4. When Tom crashed his father's car, his father LITERALLY hit the roof. What did his father do?
  5. What is a synonym of the word "ubiquitous" as in the sentence "Today, smart phones in schools are ubiquitous?
  6. Which of the following is actually a medical doctor?
  7. In the example "The homeless man ACCOSTED the wealthy tourist," what did the homeless man most likely do?
  8. In the example "The tornado DECIMATED the village," What percentage of the village was destroyed?
  9. PEEP means to look....
  10. A EUPHEMISM for toilet in America is....

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