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Praise The Lord Saints of God. We here at Christian House Of Faith CHOF and CHOF Ministry believe that we need to do what we can to assist God's children strengthen their Biblical knowledge. Many hear the Word of God but do not recognize it because they do not research or study His Word.

Are you a Bible Master? Well we want you to become A CHOF Ministry Bible Master. Do you have the Biblical Knowledge? Well in just a few minutes you will find out.

Created by: Bishop W F Houston Jr

  1. If we _______ our sins, he is ______ and ______ to forgive us our sins.
  2. Why did they bring Abishag to King David?
  3. In what way was Asa afflicted in his old age?
  4. How many lords did the Philistines have during Samuel's childhood?
  5. On the way to find his asses, Saul met three men at Tabor. What were they not carrying?
  6. Sisera was captain of what host?
  7. Under what kind of tree did Saul tarry at Gibeah?
  8. Where was Goliath from?
  9. What was the weight of Goliath's spear head?
  10. What was the name of Saul's chief herdsman?

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