Can You Find God in the Bible

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Throughout the Bible God reveals Himself and His role in many different ways. While He never changes, each book shows a different aspect of His character.

This quiz will measure how well you know the books of the Bible and the God who wrote it. Harder questions are worth more points, and there is partial credit. Good Luck!

Created by: The Colonel
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  1. The Passover Lamb
  2. Breath of Life
  3. Fire by Night
  4. Moses' Voice
  5. Law Giver
  6. Kinsmen-Redeemer
  7. Rebuilder of Broken Walls and Lives
  8. Mordecai's Courage
  9. Our Morning Song
  10. Time and Season
  11. Lover's Dream
  12. Prince of Peace
  13. Cry for Israel
  14. Arms that Carry Us
  15. Great Missionary
  16. Promise of Peace
  17. Son of Man
  18. Son of God
  19. Fire from Heaven
  20. Power of Love
  21. Freedom from the Curse of Sin
  22. Godhead Trinity
  23. Our Coming King
  24. Everlasting Covenant
  25. King of Kings

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Quiz topic: Can I Find God in the Bible