Survivors Participation Level

We want to give everyone that desires any involvement with the Survivors ministry the opportunity to share with us just how involved they want to be. Do you want just minimal involvement or do you want to do sidewalk counseling or help organize a demonstration at your school?

Complete this short questionairre to discover your level of involvement with the Survivors ministry. It will only take a couple of minutes and will aid us in working with you.

Created by: Survivors of Northern Indiana Chapter Survivors
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  1. How involved do you see yourself becoming in the Survivors ministry on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the most involved?
  2. Would you like to help those at your school become a part of the Survivors ministry?
  3. Will you help to organize a pro-life demonstration at your school?
  4. Would you like to help those at your church become a part of the Survivors ministry?
  5. How much time per month are you willing to devote to the Survivors ministry?
  6. How much training and instruction on pro-life issues do you have?
  7. Are you interested in doing sidewalk counseling outside of abortion clinics?
  8. If the Survivors ministry lead a bible study online or in your area how interested would you be in taking part in it?
  9. What is the gospel message
  10. We'd like to have as many people as possible fill out this questionairre. Will you pass this along to one or more of your friends?

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