If your country was attacked would you survive?

Very few people can claim that they were aprt of a genocidal war, especially given the circumstances in this quiz, will you join the ranks of survivors or will you join the dead that made it nesseccary for the survivors to go on? You decide your future.

Surviving a war can prove extremely challenging and rough, and VERY few people come out of it alive, (given the circumstances in the quiz) it will be up to you on your fate, your decisions and ultimatly your country to decide your future. Will you survive?

Created by: Brad
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  1. Your friend call you up and informs you that your country is being invaded, what would be your next step?
  2. Your watching TV then a National Warning interupes your program and warns that the invading forces are genocidal (kills everyone, including civilians). What would be your next step?
  3. You are driving to the store, TRYING to continue your everyday life, when suddenly artillery shells start exploding everywhere, enemy jets zoom over head, and enemy infantrymen are approaching over the horizon, whats your reaction?
  4. You and your family make it to a military safe zone and the military is going around asking for men and women to fight, you......
  5. The military installation you were staying at will be overrun by nightfall and you must leave the area, where would you go?
  6. You and your group run into a group of soldiers who are trapped, there are dead enemy soldiers around you with weapons, however you have wounded and sick people in your group, what do you do next?
  7. You and your group are all hiding in a basement, and you hear a large group of enemy "death" soldiers (extermination soldiers, the ones that kill innocent lives) outside, however there is a baby in your group that will not stop crying, if the soldiers hear the baby they will surely discover your location and every single person in your group will die......
  8. Your group's current leader died from some unknown and unearthly disease, what is your next move?
  9. The deaf person in your group wanders off, and gets himself into a sticky situation, he wanders straight into a minefield, there is no way to warn him without dangering more people, however he was the doctor in the group....
  10. There hasnt been any food around for days, and the group refuses to revert to canniblism, however your dog (you brought up from a puppy) is the only edible thing around...
  11. You recive a messege from the military that they are winning the war now and your the only one that knows this, what is your next move?

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Quiz topic: If my country was attacked would you survive?