All about nouns

This quiz is all about nouns. Proper nouns, common nouns and plural nouns. This quiz is for anyone who might not know about the different types of nouns.

Can you name a proper noun? Can you name a common noun? How about a plural noun? What makes these nouns different? Take this quiz and you will understand nouns!

Created by: kristal of All about nouns
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  1. What is a noun?
  2. What is a proper noun?
  3. What is a plural noun?
  4. Andrew is eating a peach. Is Andrew a proper noun?
  5. Six dogs ran across the sidewalk. Is the word dogs a common noun?
  6. The clock was broken. Is clock a plural noun?
  7. Kyle munched on cookies. Is Kyle a proper noun and cookies a plural noun?
  8. Chester flew a kite in the park. Are the words Chester, kite and park nouns?
  9. Michael is reading an exciting book about plants. There are three nouns what are they?
  10. Jake answered the question correctly. There are two nouns what are they?

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