Do you speak like an American?

This is a quiz to see if you use american words more than English words or the other way around! Some people hardly ever use English words anymore, and some people use them a lot! Find out if your one of these people!

For each question you have to choose which word you use. For every question there are to options to choose from. One is the English version of the word and the other is the american version. BUT remember YOU have to CHOOSE the WORD YOU USE!

Created by: me!
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  1. Football or soccer?
  2. Trash can or Bin?
  3. Side-walk or pavement
  4. Candy or Sweets?
  5. Pants or trousers?
  6. couch or sofa?
  7. cell phone or mobile phone?
  8. diaper or nappy?
  9. chips or french fries?
  10. cinema or movie theater?

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Quiz topic: Do I speak like an American?