Are you a smart or stupid American?

A vast amount of American's don't know about any of their history. They don't remember simple math. They don't even know what the words they speak everyday mean.

Can you beat the Jerry Springer stereotype? Do you remember anything from school or newspapers or your mother? Thanks to this quiz you'll find out if you should stay here where you belong or move somewhere you do know something about.

Created by: Tabitha
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  1. Who took office after President Kennedy was shot?
  2. Where is the "grassy knoll"?
  3. What is "Watergate"?
  4. How old does a man have to be before being allowed to be president?
  5. You have to pay a $500 dollar fee to the US to own your own business.
  6. As long as you've lived in the USA for 20 years (regardless of completed documentation) you are a citizen of the USA
  7. Which president freed the slaves?
  8. The Civil War took place where?
  9. Given: A + 13 = 90 - 10 A equals ?
  10. The Capital of Texas
  11. Who was JFK's brother and is he alive?
  12. How many terms may a president hold office consecutively and how long are those terms?
  13. What state is the White House in?
  14. Desert Storm took place in what decade?
  15. "Paul is dead"; Who is Paul?
  16. Vietnam lasted 2 years in the 1960's
  17. In 1967 Apollo I never launched, why?
  18. How many moons are in our orbit?
  19. Penis envy theory?

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Quiz topic: Am I a smart or stupid American?