How totally stupid are you?

There are smart people in this world and sadly there are the stupid people. The stupid people in this world have not listened in school or to their parents. They suck eggs! I am sorry to say. But there are smart people!

Are YOU stupid? Do you want to be stupid? Do you like to be stupid? Are YOU smart? Do you want to be smart? Dp you like to be smart? Then take this quiz! If you are smart then congrats! I shake you warmly by the hand!

Created by: Matthew
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  1. What is 21+21?
  2. What is a tomato?
  3. Who is Cinderella?
  4. What was the last grade you got?
  5. Who is Ozzy Osbourne?
  6. What year did Ronald Reagen die?
  7. What is the name of George Bush's wife?
  8. What is Massachusetts?
  9. What is a penguin
  10. What year is it right now?
  11. What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?

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Quiz topic: How totally stupid am I?