Name The Band :D

Are you smart enough on my kind of music? take this quiz and find out. hah idunno what else to type here...I hope you like the quiz, if u do not i really dont care. i made it for alex and andy particually so i do not mind if you think it is stupid.

YOU are you smart?? TAKE THIS QUIZ....and totally see if you are. if you arent, i really do not just tryin to fill in this stupid white box. hha. umm im bored, and i am on msn. haha this is sooo stupid...

Created by: Josie
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  1. What Emo/Alternative bands' album is called "This Is Where You Belong"?
  2. Who is the Lead Singer of Paramore?
  3. Which of the following bands is labelled as "hardcore/alternative" ?
  4. Which band has an album called "The Question" and another album called "The Nail, Vol. 1" ?
  5. What band is Gerard and Mike Way in ?
  6. Aaron Gillespie is the lead singer of The Almost, and also the drummer to what band?
  7. Which song by System Of A Down was the theme song for the movie Disturbia?
  8. Which band sings a song called "Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks" ?
  9. BONUS.. What is my favoriteeee song/band ever as of this moment?
  10. Which band has a song called "Josie"? haha.

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