Which band are you?

We all like a band. Maybe one no-one else has heard of (or likes) or one that is very hard, very punk, or even very pop. In music, a band is a company of musicians playing parts of a musical arrangement on different musical instruments.

Which band are you? Now you're on the quiz, you may as well take it. Prepare for some rather odd questions in the quiz to find out. It'll only take five minutes...jeez...

Created by: Uncle Montezuma
  1. What music do you like?
  2. Your mates are listening to Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Do you...
  3. Whilst searching for decent bands on MySpace, you come across a band called "The Rooks". Do you...
  4. Do you play an instrument?
  5. How often do you buy CDs?
  6. Are you listening to music now?
  7. How many albums do you have in iTunes?
  8. Which is your favourite word from...
  9. How are you feeling right now?
  10. Are you in a band?

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Quiz topic: Which band am I?