What bands do these songs come from?

Ther are a lot of people that listen to music but not as much as they should and they dont remember much about the song and the band it came from this quiz will tell the true music lovers from the music haters.

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Created by: alchemist

  1. Back in Black
  2. Psychosocial
  3. More Human Than Human
  4. From Yesterday
  5. Inside The Fire
  6. Helena
  7. Meant To Live
  8. Last Resort
  9. Gothic Sanctuary
  10. Take This Life
  11. Through Glass
  12. Bloodrocuted
  13. Afterlife
  14. Evolution
  15. Under Pressure
  16. Enter Sandman
  17. Chop Suey
  18. Pain
  19. Chiron
  20. Classico

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